Monika Hasanbasic has taught English as a Second Language and German for the past six years at a local high school. Additionally, she has taught English as a Second Language at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis. Her passion for languages started when she moved to Germany and then the United States as a refugee. Seeing how important and necessary languages are, she decided to become a language teacher. She attended Webster University, where she received a Bachelors in Education and German, as well as her Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language. Currently, she is in the Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. Program at Saint Louis University. Monika is very passionate about teaching languages, and understands the struggles of not knowing how to speak a language. She wants every student to succeed, and be the best that they can be.

Denise Mussman holds a Bachelor of Arts in French, a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics/Teaching English as a Second Lanuage, and 25 years of experience teaching ESL. Her specialty is Accent Reduction. In addition to university-level teaching and program coordination, Denise has worked with international  faculty members on teaching English skills, as well as professionals in the medical, business, and IT fields. Denise has published articles on teaching pronunciation and fluency and is the editor of TESOL's  revised New Ways in Teaching Writing. Currently, Denise is in the Education Doctorate Program at the University of Missouri.

Valerie Marshall holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Accounting. Throughout her life, Valerie has been a tutor of several subjects to include: math, reading, writing, and the English language. Her love for education led her to complete her Master of Arts Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and to complete a Certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Webster University. She has also attended Fundação Armando Alveres Penteado, a private university in São Paulo, Brazil, where she earned Certification for being able to speak Portuguese as a Second Language. Valerie has been an ESL Instructor for the University of Missouri-St. Louis and currently with Saint Louis University. Her passion for teaching the English language keeps Valerie motivated and her students engaged.

Our Cultural Guest Speaker

J. Michele Brown was born in Boston, Massachusetts.  She received an Associate Degree in Applied Science with an emphasis on Legal Studies at St. Louis Community College.  Ms. Brown also majored in Pre Law at Webster University in St. Louis and has more than 20 years experience as a Litigation Paralegal.  Ms. Brown  is well traveled internationally (including such places as France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Canada, and the Dominican Republic).  Further, she has studied the Spanish language and has an ability to understand, read, and write the language with limited ability to speak the language.   Her travels have fueled her desire to help adults in this country from other lands to learn the English language and to learn how to adapt in the American culture.  Ms.  Brown has been a volunteer teacher of Adult ESOL. She lead the ESL program at a local church for 8 years and has taught students one-on-one as well as online.  Ms. Brown has taught students from Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brasil, Peru, Columbia, Korea and more.

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