Why learn with The English Skills Center?

  • Instructors have a Doctoral (PhD) Education degree or a Master's degree for Teaching English as a Second Language.

  • All Instructors currently teach or have taught at a local university.

  • Academic and Specialty courses are comparable to the same courses at local universities.

  • Courses with The English Skills Center are more affordable than most local universities.

  • Success in  Academic and Specialty courses can prepare students for the TOEFL exam.

  • Success in General English courses can prepare students in the use of everyday English.

  • The English Skills Center does not require transcripts or test scores.

  • The English Skills Center offers an additional choice!

Did you know the credit hours received for Academic and Specialty English at a college or university normally does not apply toward the degree being earned? Save money! Come learn with us at The English Skills Center!

Acadmic English Course Costs